Kunstvilla Photo Documentation Nuremberg

My spouse, Andrea, has been commisioned with creating photo documentaries of various public building restorations in Nuremberg City. Her assignment involves capturing the deconstruction of the old structures and taking pictures of the new ones, from multiple perspectives. These visual records are valuable tools for the city’s architectural departments, providing them with a timeline of each project. I am responsible for editing photos and providing the catalogs to the teams.

Date : May 2020
Client : Hochbauamt Nürnberg
Role : Photo editor
URL : shrtm.nu/qJAd
Services : Photography
Digital catalogues  
Schraubensicherungslack landing page
Schraubensicherungslack mobile web screen
A tube of schraubensicherungslack from H. August Müller e.K.with colour ral swatches in front.