H. August Müller e.K. is a family-owned business that has been in operation since the 1920s. They offer an industrial glue with an interesting name, “Schraubensicherungslack,” which can be roughly translated to “screw securing varnish” or “tamper-proof sealant” in English. I was asked to do some minor rebranding of the product livery while still retaining its bold and direct name. The company has thrived on its straightforward branding and the principle of delivering exactly what it promises. H. August Müller e.K. wanted a website that is simple but effective for their clients to find information. They don’t sell products online, so customers can only inquire about their products directly.

Date : May 2020
Client : ASN Nürnberg
Role : Designer
Services : Graphic Design WordPress 
Schraubensicherungslack landing page
Schraubensicherungslack mobile web screen
A tube of schraubensicherungslack from H. August Müller e.K.with colour ral swatches in front.