The family firm H. August Müller e.K. has been around since the 1920s. They sell a curiously named industrial glue “Schraubensicherungslack” roughly translated into English reads screw securing varnish or tamper-proof sealant. I was approached to make some small rebranding of the product name keeping the traditional in-your-face product name. The company value has been successful with its simple branding and the value of what you see is what you get! They also required a simple functioning website as a customer information portal. H. August Müller e.K. does not sell online and their product is by direct enquiry only. 

Date : May 2020
Client : ASN Nürnberg
Role : Designer
Services : Graphic Design WordPress 
Schraubensicherungslack landing page
Schraubensicherungslack mobile web screen
A tube of schraubensicherungslack from H. August Müller e.K.with colour ral swatches in front.